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Remedial Massage can have immense benefits for your body and mind, from stress reduction, relaxation, injury repair, improved motion and mobility to improved joint and muscle function


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I am so passionate about helping you achieve your full potential through effective massage treatments

- John Venning -

The Experience of Remedial Massage 

At Rebalance Massage, we can offer a wide range of therapeutic treatments designed to restore your body quickly and effectively. Treatments include one or more different types of therapies depending on how your body presents and responds. If you have specific requests, we will do our very best to ensure 100% complete satisfaction.

Remedial Massage Helps the body return to normal after injury. It can assist in cell repair, speeds recovery, and encourages a more complete healing.

Sports Massage & Treatments Reduces recovery time, promotes flexibility and improves endurance for a range of sports people from the professional athlete to the social sports player.

Musculoskeletal Needling Very fine needles are applied to specific areas of the body to treat musculoskeletal problems, such as muscle tightness and knots. You will hardly even feel the needles but the effect is amazing.

Relaxation Massage De-stress the body, mind and soul. Eases tension, soothes your nervous system, and improves circulation

Cupping The application of vacuum cups to areas of tension and tightness causes an increase in blood flow, helping to release the tension in the muscle allowing it to return to a normal state.

Deep Tissue Massage Work the tension right out of your body by targeting chronic muscle tension and knots, focusing on the deep layers of the muscles, tendons, and fascia. Recommended for nagging repetitive symptoms.

All Treatments Are Tailored To Your Body's Needs!

Our Prices 

Choose your desired length of treatment. We can be flexible with appointment times. 

Health fund rebates available

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Location is in Newstead Brisbane

60min Treatment


90min Treatment 


Mobile Massage  

$140 + travel time for locations more than 20mins from Brisbane CBD

Regular massage can keep your body performing at a higher level and your mind peaceful.

- John Venning -

About Us

Your remedial therapist is John Venning.  

John qualified as a remedial massage therapist in 2011 and has been expertly managing bodies ever since. With a background in healthcare for over 30 years through nursing and paramedics, he is very skilled at treating a wide range of conditions and injuries. You will definitely enjoy John's treatments.

Reviews from Our Community 

“I feel amazing today after my remedial session and mobilisation yesterday. It is the first time I have woken up without neck or back pain. Thank you John, I’ll spread the word.” 

- Garry, Tour Guide

“I came to see you because I hurt my back. I was very impressed with your professional approach and excellent treatment. You made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and now, thanks to you, my back is fixed.”

- Clifford, Hospitality worker

“I have Multiple Sclerosis and saw John for a massage in the hope it could help me relax. I was amazed at how I felt - a deeper relaxation than I have ever experienced and the next day I felt so liberated it was hard to describe.”

- Armin, student

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